Plopu 2 - 1984


"the spot where God touches you"

Since 1983 untill now this is the ground on which, year after year, we meet God and our Father, Jesus Christ, His Son and our Savior and The Holy Ghost , our Comforter and our Guide in a special way.
What an adventure!
In such an insignificant place, generations had the privilege to experience God!

The small hose   What did we have? A small piece of land, a little house and a great God! Every ¬†year we asked Him for protection, good weather and inspiration and above all His presence.

We asked and received because He answers to those who call Him.
You are always welcomed to be blessed with such a meeting!

You will meet young people and make friends for a lifetime and who knows, maybe you will grasp this vision?

Plopu 28
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